My service includes:

  • workshop planning
  • installation planning
  • layer plans (e.g. grating, bulb plate flooring, wooden flooring, …)
  • manufacturing files (NC data with DSTV standard)
  • lists (part lists, bolt lists, layer surface, …)
  • natural sizes as -.dxf-files for flame cutting


Please note: There is no service for structural analysis outside of Germany. A local civil engineer should do your structural analysis, so it can be guaranteed that all regional standards can be retained.

Unless other arrangements have been made, you will get all the information related to plan.

That is per drawing:

  • 1 -.pdf- and 1 -.dwg-file of the drawing
  • 1 part list of the drawing as a -.pdf-file
  • 1 package with NC files and a of the drawing

Bolt lists are usually created for whole sections, however they can be generated per drawing.

If you like to get an arrangement of a documentation, you will get all blueprints, lists and NC-data, as well as the 3D model als -.dwg-, -.dgn- or -.ifc-file on CD or as a data package.